Saturday, April 23, 2011

Peas Porridge Hot

Peas porridge hot, peas porridge cold
Peas porridge in the pot, nine days old
Some like it hot, some like it cold
Some like it in the pot, nine days old

We discovered a GAPS breakfast cereal!  One morning my daughter refused her breakfast and asked for broth instead.  I whipped this up.  When I served it to her she said, "I am eating cereal"!  She was so excited and it added a level of newness to this bone broth that we have been drinking and eating for almost a year and a half.  No need to measure, but here is what I do:

Bone Broth
Fresh or frozen peas
Egg yolk

Warm or cook peas in broth on low.  Add thyme and salt to taste.  Separate egg white from yolk, but whites aside for something else.  Pour broth and peas into a bowl.  Add your yolk.  I find it works best if you break the yolk open in your hand above the bowl and then add the yolk, discarding the sack that it comes in.

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Starlene said...

Ah, thanks for the tip on the egg yolk "sack"! I didn't use my immersion blender on my soup yesterday morning and ended up with the somewhat "slimy" sack in my mouth and was a little put off. The "cereal" sounds delicious and so creative and I knew exactly the poem you were talking about when I saw your title of your post. Very cool! I will link to you on my blogroll! GAPS Diet Journey