Saturday, October 16, 2010

Saturday is meant for taking inventory of what is in the fridge...

This helps me with meal planning for the week. I look through what has been eaten, what is left, and what needs to be replenished. Today's meals have been mainly made of the leftovers or extra veggies/meat in the fridge. This picture is before I clean it out, as I am sure that there are some items in there that could be useful in the compost.

To walk you through, slightly...
Upper shelf: Lettuce, Spinach, Kombucha, Eggs
Next shelf: Several jars of Bone Broth, Mushrooms, Cabbage
Next shelf: Leftover soup, brussel sprouts, green beans, misc.
Lower shelf: Carrots, kale, cucumbers
Upper Drawer: Beets, asparagus, broccoli
Lower Shelf: Honey cured Bacon

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