Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Tuesday's Meals

Ah, Tuesday.  The busiest day for us.  Girls are off to school and River Days, and I am off to work.  Everything must be in "proper" order by 7:30am for all this to run smoothly.  Today, some minor bumps, but our eating was properly on track.

Our breakfast has been a Tuesday favorite for a while.  Bacon and Avocados!  Fat, fat, fat!  Yes, I am trying to fatten them up.  I don't think I took a photo, I guess I figured you knew what those looked like...

Lunch, I made the night before with the leftover chicken from dinner.  I made a quick pesto and steamed some carrots.
Pesto: Puree 2 cloves garlic, add bunch of basil and a handful of almonds.  Add a shake of salt.  Blend until slightly smooth, add olive oil to make a smoother consistency.  Serve over chicken.

For dinner I made Cowboy Stew, slightly modified.  This blog is awesome and I frequent it regularly for inspiration that is GAPS friendly.  My modifications: added shredded carrot, 1/4 shredded cabbage, no squash, no green pepper.  While I was making the soup I used the Cuisinart to chop up carrots, onion and red pepper.  I added a pound of organic grass-fed beef, some mustard, and salt and made meatballs for lunch tomorrow.

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