Monday, October 18, 2010

Monday's Meals

Winter is certainly coming, and waking up when it is dark does not suit me very much.  Nevertheless, when you have children who wake up bright and chipper it forces you to at least try to act happy.  I was grateful that I could stumble with my eyes half shut and make the breakfast for today.

This morning I sauteed some onions in bacon grease and made Scrambled Eggs.  Easy and no-fuss.

I made the lunches last night after everyone had gone to bed.  Normally I do not send out bacon, but our meat options were minimal and our GAPS friendly bacon has just appeared at our local Co-op again.  For lunch I gave them both bacon, cucumbers, an almond cookie, and avocado.  Maeve got some mango because Arabella gets fruit at school.

I was a little late in starting dinner, and grateful that everything was planned out and all the groceries were available and defrosted.  This chicken is one of my go-to recipes, because it does not require a recipe at all. I much prefer cooking without all that measuring and fuss.

I started with the family pack of Organic bone-in chicken thighs.  First, I ripped off all the skin, and fried them until crispy; I also added a little salt.  These are wonderful treats for all and there is never any waste.  I then dump the chicken grease into a mason jar for later use.

Leaving a little grease in the pan, I slightly pan fry the thighs and turn them.  While waiting I chop up onions.  I add the onions and then chop mushrooms; I place all this on top of the cooking chicken.  I then pour chicken bone broth (1-2 cups) onto the chicken mixture and cover for 15-20 minutes on medium heat.

Then, I remove the chicken and boil down the broth to make "gravy".

I also sauteed greens and garlic to have as a side dish.  Salt to your liking.

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