Monday, August 21, 2006

Fourth Week of August

Wow, last week I totally forgot we were going to Santa Cruz for the weekend. I ended up bringing most of the groceries, since I bought them already, but we shuffled things around and ate out a couple of times. Maybe this week will get better, although we are already off to a rough start.

Sunday: SOUTHWESTERN PASTA SALAD from Bobby Flay (one of my favorite chefs). A repeat from a few weeks ago, but a great recipe that will become one of my quick-fix staples. Great for vegetarians! It is so easy, even David can make it! Put a whole red pepper, a thickly sliced red onion, corn and chicken on the BBQ while you boil water and cook noodles. De-skin and chop the pepper, dice the onion and strip the corn and add it all together to the pasta with a few other simple things and you have a tasty meal. I omitted the lima beans, but add any bean to your whole grain pasta and you have a complete protien!

Monday: Impromptu Japanese Food. Arabella ordered her own "Miso Soup, extra tofu".

Tuesday: PULLED PORK SANDWICHES, CARROT-RAISIN SALAD, and SAUTEED GREENS. It doesn't call for a crock-pot, but I am going to use mine. I have to work tonight and the crockpot is an easy David/Arabella meal.

Wednesday: WHOLE SPELT TORTILLAS (from Trader Joe's) with GRILLED CHICKEN and PEPPERS. Side of AVOCADO CORN SALAD (Moosewood Restaurant Cooks at Home, pg. 119), and PINTO BEANS. Did you know you can cook unsoaked beans in the pressure cooker for 20 minutes cooking time with a natural release and have beans without having to think about them a day ahead of time? Also, add a little Kombu seaweed for natural saltyness and to eliminate any gassy effects.

Thursday: WHOLE KAMUT PASTA with Spicy CAULIFLOWER and TURKEY SAUSAGE(Moosewood Restaurant cooks at Home, pg. 189). Something new to try, but I added meat, and may sneak in a few white beans.

Friday: RED LENTIL SOUP (MRCaH, pg. 36), SALAD from our garden, and Home-made rye BREAD. I would love to say David would eat this, but he will not, I will buy him a steak to add to his dinner.

Saturday: Mock MU SHU PORK with SPELT TORTILLAS. I will take the leftover pork from Tuesday and add Napa Cabbage, Onion, Red Bell pepper, Hoisin Sauce, sesame oil, and soy sauce (Pressure Perfect, pg. 149). More sauteed greens too! Maybe BOK CHOY, Arabella can never get enough of that.

The Moosewood book was recommended by my friend Bronwyn! I was a little disappointed in the dairy-free options, but a neat idea I saw was Sweet Potato Quesadillas, yummy!

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