Sunday, October 17, 2010

Meal Planning

Fridge on Saturday
I have gone in and out of meal planning and I have found that when I do it, I not only save money, but my time, which is far more valuable to me.  When every meal is planned I don't waste food, I tend to not over eat, and I tend to have a LOT less stress.  I feel like I have a good rhythm now to how I accomplish this goal every week.  First, I assess what I have in the fridge (I do this on Saturdays).

Farmer's Market Bounty Sunday Morning
Master List on Left, Grocery List on Right Sunday Evening

Next, I shop at the local Farmer's Market to get what is local and in season (I do this on Sunday).  Then I take that Master list (fridge & freezer food, food from Market) and I look at my past meal plan and adjust meals according to what our activities are in the week and what foods have changed seasonally.

At this point I make a grocery list, listing the foods in similar categories to make for easy shopping.  Then, I shop for the remaining items at my local Co-op (I do this on Mondays).  

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