Sunday, February 13, 2011

Chicken Fajitas

Red Pepper
Can of Olives
Chicken bone broth to make thick and juicy

(Amounts not listed, as they are not important and you can mix and match what you need and use what you have). I did take a picture of the tomato below, but ended up not adding it in.

-Saute onion, garlic add chicken.
-Add red pepper, mushrooms, paprika, cumin and salt. Add a little bone broth to make saucy.
-Add olives at the end.  Serve with lettuce shells or over cauliflower rice.


Tara said...

Hi! I had your wonderful cookies at my sister's house last weekend! So I tried to make them today and although they taste terrific, they flattened out and I did not get the shape you had for yours. I mounded them and put the place for the jam, but they flattened out into very flat cookies after baking. THey were yummy but I would like to get them to look like yours! Can you give me some tips??
Thanks!! Tara

Majica said...

Tara, did you omit some of the ingredients? The arrowroot powder is essential for binding the nut flours together. Did you use almond meal or sunflower seeds? Let me know, I would be happy to help brainstorm.